Reading List

Hoshin Kanri Recommended Reading List: The Top Lean Books and Resources

Making Materials Flow - Rick Harris & Chris Harris 
The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement - Jeffery Liker & James Franz
Creating Continuous FlowMike Rother & Rick Harris 
Managing to Learn - John Shook
The Seven Deadly Wastes and How to Remove Them from Your Business - Mohammed Hamed Ahmed Soliman
Lean Manager - Michael Bale & Freddy Bale
The Lean Turnaround - Art Byrne
The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business - Josh Kaufman
The Toyota Way - Jeff Liker
The Toyota Way to Lean LeadershipJeff Liker & Gary L Convis
Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels - Jeffrey Liker & George Trachilis
Toyota Under Fire - Jeffrey Liker & Timothy T Ogden
Toyota Kata - Mike Rother
Strategic Lean Mapping Steven Borris
The Principles of Scientific Management - Frederick Taylor 
Lead with Respect - Michael Bale & Freddy Bale